Wednesday, July 26, 2006

And So It Falls To Me…

I don’t know what to say. I’m flattered. I’m surprised. I’m flabbergasted.

Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes. I hope I don’t disappoint your trust, but then again, how could I possibly let you down? I have been put in charge of the bastard child that no one wants to look after anymore.

This site, when faced with the ax, after spending months cringing in the corner, was placed in my care. What can I say? I couldn’t let this little redheaded stepchild go to the cybernetic orphanage.

Me being chosen as El Presidente was a shock to me. I have never been chosen to lead anything. I could not lead a choir. I could not lead an expedition. I could not lead a farting contest. I am not made of “Leadership” material. And yet here I am.

So be it.

As my first official act, it was suggested that perhaps I rename the site and give it a name a little less heady. Social Zymurgy: the Culture of Beer sounds like a thesis, not the fun loving home of all things beery. Too cerebral. Too contemplative. Too philosophical.

Doc’s Pub was suggested. That has a certain charm, but no, that just didn’t seem right.

The name stays I’m afraid. I can’t fiddle with it. It represents a lot of what I love about this little whelp. The exploration of beer and where that might take us, where it has taken us, and what it promises to deliver in the misty horizons of the future.

No, the name stays. Besides, if I change the name, then I have to change my bookmark, and I am much too lazy to do that. I can’t change the name because then I’m afraid I would be plagued by guilt that I had in some way betrayed the trust of my small, but loyal, readership; that I would have soiled the driving philosophy behind this site.

Much like the Star Trek of old, We are setting out on a bold, new adventure to explore new beer and new worlds in which to drink it in.

So be it.

Let the adventure begin!



  1. Thank you Big Orange! I won't let you down

  2. Wait a minute-- WHO suggested that SZ was "too heady" a title?!? >:-)

    "Doc's Place" has a nice ring to it-- vaguely Steinbeckian, too, though renaming this "Western Biological" is proabably going too far in the wrong direction.

  3. Meanwhile, i'm off to fire up the grill and crack open a Pabst.


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