Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Sound of Music

Dough, the money to buy the beer
Ray, the guy who pours the beer
Me, myself drinking beer
Far, It’s a long long way to the bathroom
So...So what ? I’m drinking beer
Uh...[thinking out loud, muttering]
La la la la la la beer!
[muttering again]
Tea...No thanks, I’m drinking beer!
And that leads us back to dough, the money to buy the beer...
As sung to Doc and Flannery's Voice Mail By Big Orange Himself


  1. thankee, thankee. I know i've hit the bigtime when I've got people already doing remakes of my stuff...

    ::note to self, write the lyrics out before singing on answering machines so you don't have to run through the damned song and loose your pace::

  2. That's what made it all the more charming!


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