Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Funeral LP

  1. I'll Fly Away
  2. Carry That Weight, The Beatles
  3. Reason To Believe, The Boss
  4. Heros, David Bowie
  5. A Hundred Degrees In The Shade, John Fogerty
  6. Let It Be, The Beatles
  7. Bird On A Wire, k.d. lang
  8. Dust In The Wind, Kansas
  9. Thankful, Kelly Clarkson
  10. Night Swimming, REM
  11. Parting Glass, The Clancy Brothers
  12. Bonus Hidden Track: Gin and Juice, Snoop Dogg

1 comment:

  1. Heroes came to mind for me, too. I can't live without Bowie, why would I want to die without him?


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