Thursday, November 30, 2006

What a Wasted Day

I spent the day trying to keep my sanity while my brain was trying to kick my eyeballs from their sockets. I get migraines. Bad ones! I hurt and can’t think anymore.



  1. I've been there many times. I hope you'll feel better soon!

  2. You've tried ketaprofin-- Orudus KT or whatever it's called? its the strongest pain med on the market OTC: the dosages are something like 12.5 MG instead of the usual 100. Take three and lie flat in a dark room.

    NOW, if you have HEALTH INSURANCE and can see a doctor, ask for samples of Imitrex-- I LOVE that stuff; it makes the blood vessels in your head jump wide open and let da' blood FLLLLOOOOOWW!

    Also, coffee helps (note that most migraine meds have asprin, ibuprofin AND caffiene in 'em)


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