Saturday, April 21, 2007

Drunken Blogging, Featuring Flannery and Elizabeth

Hi! It's Saturday night at about 10:00 p.m.

We've both had half a pint of pineapple rum/pinapple orange bannana juice. Elizabeth is reading Newsweek, a follow up to our discussion of Imus and race over lunch. I'm typing.

We've invited Big Orange to join us long distance...but he must be off starting that revolution.

Updates to follow...


Flannery 10:22 I want you to know that Toby Keith CD is from the library and I HATE it. Jingoistic bullshit.

Elizabeth 10:27 summary, When I was a kid, I always spoke up against racism and sexism. Then when I got older, I stopped, because emotionally draining and I was always accused of not having a sense of humor. So, I decided to just lighten up. But I'm starting to realize that maybe I had the right idea to begin with.

You gotta pick your battles and this one is worth fighting.

Flannery: Word.

Elizabeth: We're not talking about Toby Keith, by the way. He's too stupid to pick on.

Flannery: True dat

10:32 Flannery: Do you hate this song (Run-Around, by Blues Traveller...E hates BT)

Elizabeth: No! I've given up hating Blues Traveller. But he plays the harmonica like pixies on parade. The harmonica should be bluesy and ballsy.

Elizabeth: That picture does not look like Harrison Ford

Flannery: Yes it does.

Elizabeth: No it doesn't and it drives me crazy.

Oh nuts! We're losing battery power!


  1. I was planning, awlright... Ooooh, my achin' back!!

  2. and your corn-clusions on Imus??


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