Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Tangled Webs We Weave-Part IV

Since apparently everyone's okay with me talking about myself too much...

I got to Jim's a bit late, which set me back timewise and I ended up not getting to the club until past midnight. That's okay, I figured, maybe Chris will have his beer goggles on and see an angel walking in the door as I enter.

I looked as good as I can look these days, of course my perfect hair and my perfect legs being my saving grace for all the other stuff that sucks, so I made sure I was outfitted to show them both off. Fabulous job, I looked way cute.

I walked down a very busy W. 9th St. toward the club and see the whole lot of the friends sitting outside smoking. I got the "Norm!" welcome as I got closer to the bar. I love it; it makes me feel like I have groupies...

Chris ended the conversation he was having to come over and say hello to me and gave me a fabulous hug. Not long after, I heard someone refer to Rachel as his girlfriend, so what I thought was correct. I don't know how long, I have no details of any kind.

Rachel happens to be very cool, I got to talk to her a bit last night and she's a fun girl. That being said, I stayed away from any kind of real advance on Chris. I just don't have it in me to be that disrespectful, regardless of how badly I want him.

There was about six of us left outside the club about half-an-hour after closing. People were arranging rides, etc. and Chris and Rachel were both there, too. I had had plenty to drink....plenty. I was standing around bullshitting with Rachel and Terry, the only black man in Cleveland with a mohawk. Rachel finally got tired of standing around and took the keys from Chris and said she was going out to the car to wait for him. This would be my only shot at getting anything on the table tonight, so I stuck around with Chris and the others still left.

And of course I hold little back because
a) I've been drinking
b) I have no problem approaching this guy...and I'm accustommed to being afraid. I freak myself out when I become flirtatious because I never believe I have it in me.

And away I went with all kinds of rotten thoughts.

Chris: "I'm definitely not Republican, but I''m not Democrat, either. I go with independent, I don't want to be classified as one or the other, I want to make my decisions of my own opinions."
Gennifer: "Wow...I'm so sorry you have a girlfriend."

Chris: "I'm going around the corner of teh building, I'll be right back. If I don't pee like, right now..."
Gennifer: "Can I watch?"
(that must have been the alcohol talking, I don't know what the fuck I was thinking there!!)

Chris: "I'm 34 years old-"
Gennifer: "Are you sure? Your MySpace page says 33."
Chris: "It does? You've seen it?"
Gennifer: "Yes, it says 33. You're lying on your profile, dude..."

The first hug goodbye, he damn near tackled me, so I wrapped one of my legs around him and hung on and he LET ME.

The second hug goodbye he grabbed me and picked me up in the air and then set me back down. I couldn't believe he actually got my ass off the ground. If you saw how skinny he is and how beefcake I am...laws of gravity say that shouldn't have happened. I hope I didn't break his back or anything....shit.

And then I left, mostly satisfied with what little I got from him, hoping that he's at least starting to "get the message" from me. Now that I have officially determined Rachel is his girlfriend, the game plan has officially changed, I can't just "go after" him. I have to "steal" him fair and square, meaning I can't "pursue" him, I just have to be Gennifer and hope that a friendship will someday become more, and be prepared that it doesn't....

I will eventually gain the courage to flat-out tell him that I like him. I have to tell him. I like him too much not to. I need to speak my mind too much not to...if I don't eventually tell him. I might explode and that will DEFINITELY come out badly. I just cannot keep my mouth shut on something I am this affected by....

So it ends up I go back to Jim's party after the club...and Richard is there. Fantastic. Richard is the guy everybody says is crazy about me but I couldn't give him the time of day. And because everybody's rolling and unusually affectionate, I spend some of the rest of the night with Richard crawling all over me and trying to get cute with me in the way a child would.

I start the night with my leg wrapped around Chris and I end the night with Richard in my face. It's like God thinks he's being funny....

So I went to sleep around 8:00 a.m. and woke up this afternoon around 4 and went to Mandy's for her cookout at her new house. Mandy is the one who, along with our friend Anna, has had some kind of "thing" going with Kellen, the guy who was supposed to cause me problems at the Organ Grinder's show by hitting on me in front of Mandy, who secretly wants him, but because I was too busy working he never had the chance. Well, he's there at the party, and he pulls me aside and says "Come get me when you go to the car, I'll go smoke with you. Don't say anything to Mandy, though, she don't want me doing it."

I said "okay" and just laugh. She's not his girlfriend or his Momma, but it's her call whether or not he smokes pot? Please....

So I bring Kellen out to the car with me and five minutes pass before Mandy figures it out and starts walking out to my car. Kellen had hit the bowl three times. I saw her coming in my rearview, so I told Kellen to keep cool and I'd tell her he was just getting a contact buzz. She asked him and me both if he smoked any and we both said no, and Kellen got out of the car. I sat there by myself just laughing. People are idiots.

The thing Mandy doesn't know is what Kellen and I talked about it the car. He told me he tried to call me twice and got what he thought was the wrong number, but was actually my work number. I swear he had my home number, but I guess not. He told me he had wanted to call and invite me out for a few beers while Mandy was on vacation but didn't know how to reach me and I never called him. All this time, I've had his number but figured he just wasn't calling me because he didn't want to. When he said he was waiting for me to call him, I told him I thought he would call me. Apparently he did, so he grabbed his cell phone and I gave him my number at home and all communication problems have now been resolved. As soon as he entered my number into his phone, I looked up and saw Mandy heading toward us in the rearview....

So what the fuck am I supposed to make of all that?

The only thing I can say about this whole mess is that I was surrounded by wonderful friends the whole night and through today and despite the good feelings I got from Chris, the best parts of it all came from my friends....


  1. I just can't get enough of this funky stuff. I read all of your entries with bated breath! Keep posting. I can't wait to hear how this turns out.

    P.S.- Get some pictures of these folks. We need to see them and judge for ourselves.


  2. allright, I'll keep it up. ;) and I'll get pics too!


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