Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Let Us Take A Moment Of Silence...

Please, Dear and Gentle Reader, if you do not have a beer in hand, go find one. Go ahead, we'll wait. Are you back? O.k.

Take a long pull and think for a moment.

Let the beer rest on your taste buds, but don't swallow.

Just for a moment, Cast your mind back to some other time.

Think of those who have gone before you. Think of friends. Think of your first car, your first kiss, your first memories. Now think of your first nightmare, your dad, or the first time you tried swimming.

Think of whatever you like, but stare off into the middle distance for awhile.

Now swallow.

What are you thinking about now?

I was just wondering.



  1. Uh, am I interrupting something??

  2. I'm having a Vison Splendid. I'm sitting on the porch of the little house in Pepperland that we saw today. The sun is setting behind the house and school hasn't started yet. The house is quiet 'cuz mine goodwife n' the kids are out right now. I'll watch some kids fish in the pond out in front and I'll hear some music from some late summer high school band playing a few blocks away in the village square. I'm remembering porches from my youth.

  3. Tits. Great big tits, like the ones that made me whoop and holler when I went into Wal-Mart and there they were, great big mothers displayed like fruit in a still life on the chest of a nubile young vixen.


  4. Mr. Miller you are so pithy.

    I was simply shooting for a small beer fueled moment of Zen and you made me feel dirty.



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