Monday, June 25, 2007

Ode to Bubs

Ladies and Gentle Readers, this is the reason that Al Gore invented the Internet, or World Wide Web, or whatever you kids are calling it these days. He invented it so we could meet good, quality people like this from all over the world. Well, that and porn.

It turns out, Bubs, a man I have never met, can find each other and realize that though we live worlds apart, we are incredibly alike, if his bio even remotely resembles the truth. It is almost uncanny.

1. He is male. So am I.
2. He is a civil servant. A couple of my family are civil servants, and I studied civil servitude in college. I think it might be Law Enforcement, and that is what I studied.
3. He lives in Illinois. So did Abe Lincoln, and he was my favorite president. I have three of his statues in my house.
4. He speaks of spending time at the Tiki bar and telling me to do things that I shouldn't. Anyone who knows me knows that I sing the virtues of Frank's Tiki bar to no end. It is where you can find me on any given evening. It is almost as if he has been watching me. Yea, I'm thinking Law Enforcement. Close one eye please, or perhaps I don't have to ask. You cited "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" as one of your books, so I think that you would fit right in at the Tiki bar. This is an open invitation to stop by whenever you find yourself in North-East Ohio. Ask Chris. He can clue you in to what "Tiki" is like.
5. In your list of favorite movies, you are such a movie lover that you can't even come up with a list. ME TOO! Sure, if you look at my bio I came up with a few, but in no way does this represent the movies that appeal to me.
6. You managed to narrow down your music tastes enough to make a list, and WOW! What a list! It comes from my own iTunes playlist: Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Howlin' Wolf, Iggy Pop, Bill Monroe, James Brown, Tom Jones, Elvis Costello, Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Jay Hawkins, Carl Perkins, Nirvana, Roy Acuff, Flatt & Scruggs, JOHN LEE HOOKER, Fats Waller. You must love a well sung tune, as all of these are accomplished singers in their own right. I swear, you have been watching me.
7. Your list of books matches several on my bookshelf now. I'm partial to "The Killer Angels" but anything you would recommend would be great. Anyone who includes "The Great Gatsby" who isn't a teacher is someone that I want to get to know.
8. He has good comments on my stuff.

Well, that wraps up the ode. I look forward to the coming days when I can read into your blog and find out much how more we are alike, and different. (I'm not much on Elvis, but maybe you could point out what I've been missing all these years.)

Let us pause a moment and raise our glass.

"Salute Bubs. Well Met!"



  1. I second your toast to Bubs. His pictures regularly appear on my blog.

  2. Doc, you are the finest man who ever lived!

    Thanks for the honorable mention. I hope to visit your sight again when I'm lucid. It's been a rough week.


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