Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Tangled Webs We Weave: Part IX

My friend Megan comes out to the Sunday night rave party with me occasionally and has now decided she wants the bartender, Mike. So she writes her number down and asks me to give it to him. I take it to Mike and he says "I don't call girls, they call me" and won't take the number. I asked him "what the fuck kinda answer is that?" He just shook his head, gave me my drink and told me to go sit down and figure it out. So the next time I get back to the bar, I ask him if he would like Megan to call him and I will give her his number. He dodges the issue and says that if I promise to write a story for my magazine on him and the club, he will have a Cleveland Browns party just for me here at the bar during the first pre-season game. He says he'll let me paint his head like a Browns helmet for the party too. And he writes down his phone number and gives it to me. So I ask him, "do you want me to give it to Megan and tell her to call you?" And he says "Take the number and do what you want with it." Again, I asked what the hell that was supposed to mean and was once again told to go sit my ass down and figure it out. I didn't give Megan the number, I told her it was just the number to the club so I can arrange a meeting about the story. I still don't know whether he wants her to have the number or not so I just kept it. The story thing isn't going to work out until at least November or so.

The good news is that Bookbag saw all this and was left more than welcome to draw his own conclusions. haha...the "big talk" will have to come soon:

"So what's with you and Mike?"
"Nothing as of right now. I haven't had the time to call or see him, so until that happens, I can't really say anything. Why?"
"Oh, I just figured if you were hooking up with Mike that you were done being after me."
"Mmmm. Sort of, yeah. I guess it's just become less that I care because I'm after you and more that I care because I'm concerned for your well-being and I don't see things turning out very well for you. I think you're going to end up getting hurt, and if I keep pursuing you I'm going to get hurt too."
"Why? What do you mean?"
"I just-I see your life getting worse before it gets better. I think you're setting yourself up for a situation where you're going to get stuck in something you can't get out of. I'm sure you do love your girlfriend, but you have no job, no way to support yourself, and nowhere else to go. Even if you did want to leave her, you couldn't. See, she's getting tired of being the girlfriend. She wants to get married and you really don't. One of three things could happen here and none of them look good for you...or me, for that matter.
She's gonna get tired of pushing the marraige bit and just boot your ass onto the street and be done with you. Kind of like an ultimatum: marry me or get out.
Or, she'll tell you she wants a baby and blow the hole wide the fuck open. I know through direct conversation that her biological clock is ticking and that she's starting to think about it...and she's only 27. That instinct is only going to get worse as she gets older.
And if you don't want a marraige and you don't want a baby, she'll do what she can to ensure that you do get her pregnant (condom broke, forgot a pill, etc.) and then you might as well marry her. You're stuck for the rest of your life and she's gotten everything she wanted anyway.
Regardless, it just sucks to be you, period. Let's face it, it would in your best interest to be with me, but it's in my best interest that you just stay with what you got."


  1. Always go with your gut dear, and keep posting.


  2. Bartender Mike is conceded prick and so is Bookbag. I wish you could find somebody that actually deserves you.


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