Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sentimental Journey

I have been caught in a bit of a loop here recently. I have been distracted, detatched, and in a bit of a funk; not so bad that I need professional help and "happy pills", or an intervention or anything, but just not myself. I find myself thinking of times past and old friends I've lost touch with. I find myself saddened by things I have no control over. I find myself missing loved ones who have gone. I have been saying things to people that I connect with every day, like I might not have the chance tomarrow. I've lost my appetite. Even my beloved PBR holds no interest for me now. My sleep cycle is off and I don't enjoy coffee like I used to. I take a walk and it seems like I have someone else's legs. I just feel a little out of kilter. I feel old, and I'm not. I think of silly mistakes that I have made and feel a deep sense of regret. I find my emotions just a little less than skin deep. I waffle between cranky and introspective. I don't know, maybe I just need more bran.



  1. Ask the Missus if you can go with me to the livery. I'm due for some canoeing and it might cheer you up.

  2. "need more bran", he he he...

    As Seinfeld said to Kramer, perhaps it's time to break out the dreaded "device"...

  3. And now that I have made my usual glib comment, I really do know how you feel Doc. Recently I have taken a new job that I work out of the house, and I moved my morning workout time to later in order to help out more with Skyler. This has in effect, cut me off from all of my friends.

    I am feeling quite a bit cut off from my old world.

  4. yup-- I was cut off from practically everybody for 3 years in Jacksonville. Good part is you realize it NOW before you invest more time in it.

    I think this is partially my fault-- my shitty karma had to go SOMEPLACE when we got out of that blasted land of Jax, and so it's apparently come up there to nail YOU.Now that everythings goin' well for me here, it's buggered for you.

    Suggestions: dump the PBR for either 211 or else for Bacardi Mojitos. a lil' bit frou-frou, but very lurverly on a warm summer's evening. 2) never underestimate the healing power of Happy Pills. God inspired some dude to invent 'em 'cuz He wants us to be happy. 3) know that this too shall pass. 4) get to work on illustrating the following:

    ** my new picture book
    ** my new tattoo
    ** my tee-shirt design for my ESE team at school

  5. I think I know what you mean. I go through feeling like that every once in a while--something about the nature of transitions, and our awareness of the passing of time. It might be a signal that it's time for you to take a deep breath and regroup before moving on.

  6. Sorry, Doc, we haven't met, but I can assure you that I don't take your recent funk at all lightly. Those episodes come (I'm old; I know), and then they go (once again, the oldness attribute is invoked). Yours will go and you won't know why, any more than you knew why it arrived in the first place.

    But as long as you're up, have you got any more Gene Tierney videos? I am absolutely moist with remembrance. Rita Hayworth is a wonderful de-funkifier as well, if that's a possibility. You can't be terminally funked if you're calling on the Gene and Rita Goddesses. Good luck to you.

    You're not a real doctor, are you?

  7. A big bowl of Colon Blow will fix you right up Doc.


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