Sunday, August 12, 2007

Writer's Sunday with Mrs. Wishy-Washy

Alright, all y'all writers!! I've had enough!! Big Orange is not tough enough in getting you folks to turn your writing in!! (Except Doc-- that was a lovely post you put up the other day)

If we're to get anywhere, when I say WRITE, I need you to WRITE!! You're never going to improve your writing if you don't do it!! Don't make me come over there and open a can on you! I gots a wooden spoon and I know how to use it to deadly effect!!

Now, then, this Sunday's prompt comes out of "Yoga for the Brain" again, and thisone is number 239. I think you'll find it easy to write and relevant to the material already on this weblog:

239: what are you alergic to-- not physically, but mentally or emotionally? Explain.


  1. ::taps pencil on desk:: Well, if you're not going to complete the assignment in class, I expect you to have it ready to share in class first thing tomorrow morning!!

  2. I am mentally and emotionally allergic to bossy broads like YOU!

  3. Elizabeth, you get a D-. there is hardly enough supporting detail to your topic sentence.

  4. Supporting detail? Look in a mirror, sister. There's my supporting detail.

  5. No, no no no no!! A series of non sequitors is NOT supporting detail!! So, I'm taking my big red pen and putting a D- in my gradebook for this term, Ms. Elizabeth.

    Meanwhile, Sky Dad, Johnny Yen, Bubs, Raven, Big Orange and Flannery all have F's since they refused to submit an assignment. My goodness, what's to become of the lot of you all??


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