Sunday, September 09, 2007

How's Yer Aim?

I like Green Arrow so much more than Robin Hood.
Don't get me wrong, Errol Flynn was a great Robin Hood, but push comes to shove, I'd rather have The Green Arrow at my back, with his quiver full of trick arrows.
Between the two, they share a common projectile and common politics, both of which I can back.
What is your favorite hero? Anyone, anywhere, anytime. Not just comic books, but anyone?


  1. Green Arrow has beefed up since I've last seen him in the comics about 20-odd years back... I mean, that dude can crack walnuts with his thighs!!

    Heros, ey? Lemmie get back to you on this one. Frankly never gave it much thought before.

  2. My heros are Wonder Woman and Flannery Alden!

  3. My comic book hero was Sgt. Rock, he was cool! Second was the Green Lantern, because he was somewhat of a tortured soul, not the super hero type.

  4. Easy - the Bride from Kill Bill Volumes I and II.


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