Thursday, October 04, 2007

Great, Huge, Pendulous Breasts

Good. Now that I have your attention, I'd like to talk about the future. Not the future like tomarrow I'll wear this pair of pants and have a muffin for breakfast. No. I'm talking about the next twenty years or so.

I am reminded of that sappy song that says "children are our future and we should let them lead the way", or something to that effect. What we have done, or left undone, has lead us to where we are at this point in time.

For those of you who don't catch the news and don't get out much, let's have a small recap.

We are fighting a war on three fronts. We have an administration that has taken our country and ridden it into the toilet and created such a monumental debt that our great-grandchildren will still be paying for it. We have given a break in taxes to the people who make the most, while the other 9/10 of us shoulder the burden. The working people in this country are working more, only to find their money buys them less. The housing market has fallen, as the price of fuel and energy hover at their highest levels ever. Our education system is underfunded, overworked, and underappeciated. We are the fattest nation in the world. Our bridges and infrastructure are falling apart. We know that should a national emergency arise, such as a hurricane perhaps, the people who need help will get it in a slow and ardious fashion, if at all. More and more of our drinking water isn't fit to drink. Our landfills are full, and some are on fire. Our kids are carrying guns and they don't seem to hesitate to use them. There seems to be a large segment of society that still beats their spouse or kids, doesn't think driving drunk is such a bad idea, or care that what they have done is commit multiple felonies. We are laying off firefighters and police officers in droves. No one can remember what good service is. Most of our population is getting older and is counting on a system already doomed to fail. We find ourselves embroiled in more grief and trouble than WW II or the Great Depression seemed to offer, not to mention our preoccupation with the struggles of various celebrities to stay sober, married, or how well they sang on last nights episode.

If I've left anything out, please feel free to remind me in the comments section.

I've heard alot about whose fault it is, and that to me is as clear as day. So what do we do now? I would love to hear some suggestions. I need something to tell my two little girls in the morning before I send them off to school.



  1. Oh Yeah, the price of beer is going up too.


  2. This is troublesome, Doc. One of those breasts belonging to the nice lady on the left is much more pendulous than the other. And yet, her equally nice sister on the right seems balanced and even. Attractive, almost.

    But she's on the right.

    Is everything at home ... you know ... okay politically?

  3. You forgot to mention reality TV. Other than that, I believe your list is pretty complete.

  4. If you're looking for optimism, I'm afraid I can't help ya, buddy.

  5. I admire someone who uses the word "pendulous".

    This is why I want to go live in the Hundred Acre Wood. Or the Shire-- there's no kipple there.

  6. Jeebus Christ man...this is why I own guns and stockpile food.

    I'm heading for the hills as soon as I can collect that gummint pension.

  7. The fact that you worry about your daughters is the best possible course of action. You shouldn't stop worrying. Just stop equating worry with doom. Things have always been this bad. Things have been much worse in fact. We could use a good Depression around here. People need to know where their bootstraps are. Worrying about it just means you are conscientious enough to care.


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