Sunday, December 23, 2007

For Dale, Opera Slippers.

These are opera slippers. I'm on my third pair and I ask for some every year for Christmas. My first pair belonged to my Dad and they came to me brand-new, still in the box, when he died. I was tired of ruining socks just padding around the house and socks alone weren't enough to keep my feet warm, so I started wearing his slippers. Oh the warmth, the comfort, and the impressive good looks. I always feel cultured just bumming around the house in them. They look like the kind of thing that Sherlock Holmes might have worn as he and Dr. Watson lounged around their Baker Street flat. If you don't own a pair, I would highly recommend them.



  1. Dale, you're not the only one who didn't know what th' hell these things were-- I had to Google 'em meself.

    As for me, I'm too damned redneck/hillbilly to WEAR shoes most of the time. When I was in OH and PA I wore socks indoors during the winter, but I hated hated HATED e'ery pair of slippers I ever owned...

    No, that's not troo-- the ones I got for ☧-mas when I was 8 I liked: they were shaped like racecars complete with headlights and windshields. all th' other ones i hate.

    What I ESPECIALLY hate is all th' really cool slippers they make for KIDS but not for GROWNUPS. Buggers!!

  2. I used to be a slipper hater but now find the socks aren't enough either. Thanks for clearing that up Doc, I'm all about impressive good looks so I may find myself in a pair at some point.

    Hot Lemon, it's time to ask the Rat folks to branch out into adult fun slippers.


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