Wednesday, December 12, 2007


My father-in-law sent home his copy of "Yellow Submarine" after Lucy insisted on watching it again and again. The girls love it and have learned most of the words to all the songs. It gladdens my heart to hear the two of them break into "In the town where I was born, lived a man who sailed to sea," and their rendition of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" is pretty rocking as well.
Yesterday, we played it again, and there is one song that keeps sticking in my head called "Hey Bulldog". It appears 3/4 of the way into the movie, right after the Beatles have freed Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and they are being pursued by a four headed dog. I couldn't remember hearing it on any of my Beatles albums. In the second verse starts "Big man, walking in the park, Wigwham!, frightened of the dark."

All damn day, I kept hearing "Wigwham!" over and over in my head, not the whole song, not even the verse, just "Wigwham!". See if it sticks in your head too.



  1. According to Wikipedia this tune has been covered by: Eric McFadden, Ween, Elvis Costello, Honeycrack, Ian Moore, Gomez, Rolf Harris, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Firewater, Alice Cooper, The Gods, Skinyard, U-Melt, Dave Matthews, Paddy Milner, and the Roots.

    Who knew?

  2. hmmm... maybe I'll trade in "redrum" for "whigwham", I dunno...

    Meanwhile, you may note that the animation looks a teeny bit different in that scene because it didn't appear in the original theatrical release. The 4-headed dog (of which I have an action figure sitting on my desk) DID appear v. briefly, but not the song. It was added back in later.

    Meanwhile, I remember Y.S. was on public TV sometime back when I was 10 or so and staying @ home by myself. I think it more-or-less permanently warped me in some fundamental way; perhaps because i realized that there's apparently whole LEAGUES of adults who were just as messed up as I was. It sho'nuff gave me hope fo' da' future.

  3. Weird... what's a wigwham? I'll have to get this for my daughter -- a HUGE Beatles fanatic. I don't think she's seen the various Beatles movies though.

  4. When you and Flannery went out Friday, the first thing the girls wanted to do was watch St. Pepper. It made me a little misty.

  5. one of the most useful lines from the movie:

    OLD FRED: "So, what do you think??"

    GEORGE: "I think it needs rehearsal..."


    JOHN: "Ringo's really out there..."

    PAUL: "always was..."


    "no, your Blueness!!


    RINGO: "I wonder what would happen if i pulled this lever?"

    OLD FRED: "You musn't do that!"

    RINGO: "can't help it, I'm a born lever-puller."


    OLD FRED: "Sir! The Meanies are coming! What should we do?"

    LORD MAYOR: "finish the quartet."


    MEANIE SEARGENT: "are you... BLUISH?? ...Funny, you don't LOOK Bluish..."


    MAX: "here, you're blueness! Have some nasty medicine!!"

  6. of course, there's Old Fred trying to tell the story of what's happened, but I don't know how to spell that... Would it be:

    "oooh-ecch, uhh-duuh, Submarine! Eeeeich-uhuhuh-ooo!ptth explosions!! harrupppth bluh-bluh BLOO MEANIES!!"

    or would it be something else??

  7. I've always loved that song. It's on the Yellow Submarine album. And thanks, you just gave me a good gift idea for the kids.

  8. I hope it doesn't keep you up at night...that would suck.


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