Monday, March 31, 2008

My Trip To the Ball, part Eins.

Franklin and I were perched on a landing of the stairs and watched as four tall lanky men in drag descended. The first and third were trying to comfort the second who was crying uncontrolably. He lamented that he had lost his purse and it held the only key to the apartment.

"We'll just have to break a window," offered the first. At this his wails became louder and he clutched a hanky to his running mascara. At that point, my heart went out to them. They were out for an evening on the town, at a once a year gig, and the key to home had been lost. They would be caught out in the cold, in nothing but their fishnets and their stilleto heels, calling a cab, knowing that when they arrived home there was still the grief of breaking into their own home, in order to get in, to be faced.

They were in a fix, and if I could have thought of something I could have done, I'd have done it.

While this transpired, the fourth had hurried back up the stairs. He returned with the missing purse in hand and they all rejoiced, hugged, and held hands as they descended the stairs and and hurried off into the night.

It was a sight to see.



  1. Flaming drama queen. Call the locksmith, it's cheaper than a broken window. Hey, didn't you study a bit about locksmithing once upon a time? Although, one must be wary of going home with ...strangers.

    Tell us more about the ball! Was it all flashing lights and fantasies? Was Hugo Weaving there?

  2. It seems more proper that Hugo should be knitting, I somehow thunks...

    More more more!! Get to th' titties!!

  3. See, now that is the difference between those "boys" and the crew I ran with.

    We would have rejoiced in the opportunity to break and enter!

  4. The Good Lord takes care of good people.

    Did you have fun?????

  5. err- Yes, it was all flashing lights and fantasies, but I'm sorry, I don't know who Hugo Weaving is.

    Cap'n E.J.- The titties a coming...

    Skyler's Dad- I'm with you. No evening is complete without some B&E!.

    Beth- Oh Lord Yes I had fun! It was a hoot! Tell You more latter.


  6. Gee, sorry I missed that part, but that's why us girls love guys like that. They're guys, but they're girls too. ;)


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