Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm Not Lost, Just Undiscovered.

I'm not lost, I'm not lost, Just undiscovered
We're never alone we're all the same as each other

You see the look that's on my face

You might think I'm out of place

I'm not lost, no no, just undiscovered

--James Morrison, "Undiscovered"

I have delighted the girls at work because I have started to leave behind little cartoons and drawings. It all started with a duct tape rose. We got a new assistant manager who transferred in from another store and the woman is very artsy/craftsy, and she had made each of us these little rosebuds on a long stem and the petals were made of red duct tape. She left me one and I left a thank-you note and drew a small cartoon of myself saying it. It was obviously something that she bothered to spend a fair bit of time on, so I felt obliged to return the favor.

Well they raved about how talented I am. Well, being a ham by nature, I started drawing myself into one panel cartoons, or drawing something special for each one of them. I have drawn this simple character for years that looks like me and it is easy to whip out an easy one line joke or gag. I found the safety manual and illustrated it. They thought that was a hoot. My two best ones were Horseplay: A horse sitting at a poker table playing cards, and, Investigate Accidents: Myself dressed as Sherlock Holmes Ala deerstalker hat, caped overcoat, and magnifying glass.

Some of my best ones were ones I drew for each of them. One girl is known for her prodigious libido. I drew a picture of her boyfriend hanging from the stone wall in chains, dressed in a loincloth, with a melting candle on either side of him. The caption read "Honestly honey, when you said we were going to have an exciting candle lit evening, this isn't what I had in mind."

Now I'm not really an artist. I have had no formal training other than one year of art class in high school and watching my brother draw. I can cartoon. I can doodle. Hell, I can draw a stick figure with emotion, but I can't draw a picture and make it look like someone, or draw something realistic. I can draw from a picture, but the subject is always turned slightly, or the light/shade is a little different.

The character that I draw to represent me is a little unique. He has great bulging eyes and no nose. I don't know why this is. I, myself, have a decent sized proboscis but cartoon me doesn't have one at all. Perhaps it is because my brother always drew his with enormous noses. I'd like to think that when he has eyes this big, he doesn't need a nose. Besides, the eyes are much more expressive. You only need a nose for fart jokes, and as any dedicated reader of my blog knows I would never stoop that low.*

I guess the quandary I'm in is this: Are these that good or are they feeding me a line of bull?

Tell me.
One of the girls I work with has a son who runs track. I drew a cartoon of me as a referee with the whistle falling from my mouth as I backed away in a panic saying, "Put down the gun Ms. SoandSo, your boy came in first!" Not only did he come in first at this evenings race for the first time and earn his letter for the year, but he also questioned her as to why I was working for the local grocery store and not doing this for a living.
I just explained that I have a bad habit. I like to eat.

For the video portion of this post I refer you to James Morrison, another song by an artist I have never heard of. Enjoy and take note how they make good use of the set.


  1. I thought the tune was "plucky", with an element of "moxie".


  2. it is easy to whip out an easy one line joke or gag

    Yeah, when *I* whip it out people either joke or gag, but rarely both...

    hell, Doc, don't worry-- I can only draw with software. You're miles ahead of me.


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