Thursday, May 15, 2008

Be On The Look Out For...

Just so you know who to look for at Mulligan's Pub on the 31st. This is Flannery and I, as rendered by the artist at her company Christmas party.

I think he captured my nose perfectly, and yes, her breasts are shaped exactly like this.



  1. uh, just HOW MUCH did the cartoonist have to DRINK before he drew this? I mean, you weren't wearing a HAT?? I don't think I'd recognize you without a lid on.

    Meanwhile, I shall refrain from making any public comment about Flann's breasts, I think....

  2. "and yes, her breasts are shaped exactly like this."

    Guess that's why she's grinning so.

  3. Is that your 3-fingered hand sneaking up over Flannery's shoulder to try and cop a feel?

  4. Thanks for the invite, Doc! But, that's the weekend I've promised to pursue some local pyrotechnics w/ my daughter -- her already postponed "birthday weekend." Trust me, I hate to miss any invites to Irish pubs, as that's usually a guarantee of Guinness. ("Robust, mellow, satisfying..." Says that right on the bottle.) Maybe sometime, though... but I'm pretty short on free time this whole season w/ fixing up the Hillman Estate for sale.


  5. I want to make sure everyone knows that Doc and Flannery look NOTHING like this. Gawd!

  6. You look like Osmonds with all those teeth.


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