Tuesday, August 12, 2008

According To The Map...

According to the map, most of the known world has stopped by Social Zymurgy. (See site Hits From Around The World in the sidebar below.) It is a little sparse in China, Russia, and Central Africa, but I remain popular in Tasmania and New Zealand, but I wonder why they don't leave any comments, as we both speak English, or some form thereof. Perhaps it is because we no longer post nude photos here.

This little widget that sits in my sidebar never ceases to amaze me. I always assumed that what I bothered to put up here would rest comfortably in the vastness of the World Wide Web in relative anonymity, what with everything else there is out there. How can I compete with News, Weather, Sports, Grant Miller, and Porn? Not a chance mate.

As of this writing, there have been 10,912 hits here. I mentioned this to my buddy Frank the other day and he stared at me as if I had just said the stupidest thing of my life. "Why aren't you charging them a buck-a-head?" he asked incredulously.

Why? Because who would pay a dollar for my twenty-five cent shenanigans? Hell, we don't even put up nude photos anymore.

But here I sit, amazed.

Amazed by the fact that a greater part of the world which I will never know have dropped by, and even more amazing is the fact that a few came back.

But then it occurred to me that perhaps I could fill in a few of those gaps in the map if only I wrote about things that would interest them, and still not alienate my other readers. So in a genuine effort at pandering to the masses, let me include a few highly sought after search terms to attract their attention:

  • Cathy Lee Gifford Nude

  • Rush Limbaugh Nude, Taking Drugs

  • Ralph Nader Backs McCain

  • NAACP, NFL, AFLCIO, NHL, CIA, NBA, FBI, and Netflix

  • Candace Bergman Nude

  • Soccer Sucks!

  • What Would Jesus Do?

  • Repeated Use Of Viagra May Cause Permanent Shrinkage

  • Fetish

  • Free Money

  • Free Beer

  • Mail Order Brides

  • Bush Voted Best Pres. Ever!

  • NPR

  • Body Shots

  • Sour Cream & Chives

There. That ought to generate a few more hits. And by the way, the last one was for people who aren't interested in anything else on the list. Thanks for reading.




  1. You may not post nude photos, but as long as your posts occasionally contain the phrase "nude photos," I think that traffic will stay up! And, just in case they're searching your comments, I'll say it a few more times: NUDE PHOTOS!!! NUDE PHOTOS!!!

  2. Rush Limbaugh Nude, Taking Drugs

    I say this one is going to up the traffic.


  3. ah HA! NOW we discover the REAL truth! NOW we know WHY the good Cap'n is NOT able to be a contributor to SZ:tCoB, though you have invited me a dozen times in as many months!! It's my penchant for the posting of NAKED PEOPLE that is keepin' me at bay!! The Blogger people KNOW that if I'm allowed to start making posts of my own, all sorts of flesh shall be revealed!!


    Well, boobs can do that to th' best of us, I guess...


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