Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In Honor Of George, Let's Have Some Sacrilege.

What better way to console the grieving than to provide some music to salve their aching, broken heart? And what music better expresses the pain and anguish of loss better than the blues? With that, I give you this:

In no way should the above be confused with a grand master like this:

I know I didn't sleep at all last night. Maybe I just need to get my perscription filled. I've got milk and cream, I just need the third.


(I still feel damn blue, so the blue stays a while longer)


  1. See? This is why I love Carlin so much-- I never would've have thought of Colin Powell as "openly white" before.

  2. I feel blue too
    But I like the blue here, even though we're sad


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