Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In A Survival Situation, You May Need To Know How To Do This...


Well anything I can do to help. I mean really, where else are you going to learn this kind of practical knowledge? They don't teach this sort of thing in school. An alternative method for the first video is to use a common disposable lighter. For the second, I would also recommend the fleshy part of your forearm or someone else's belly-button. You can use an eye socket, but that tends to develop an embarrassing callous after repeated uses and is hard to explain at work on Monday. Not to mention it really screws up your eyeshadow and mascara.



  1. Doc, are you you-tubing on the john again?!

  2. No dear, just a little public service announcement so you can be prepared to enjoy a beer where ever you want.

    See: If Wishes were Horses..." below. I included some well wishes for you and your sister there.


  3. That is why I stop by, for really useful information!

    The theme from 2001 was a nice touch also...

  4. Wonder why the guy didn't try using his boob first?

    I love youtube knowledge you share Doc. Now I want a beer.


  5. I did see Guido open a bottle on sunday with my lighter and thought that was impressive. I must learn to do that with my boob, it's big enough

    Sista #1


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