Friday, July 11, 2008

A Great, Big Truck-Load of Thanks!

I got a surprise in the mail the other day, and it wasn't just my Govt Bribe check. A thick package arrived with the bizarre return address of 123 Main St. Anytown U.S.A.

"What the fig could this be?" I wondered.

I opened it and out poured memories of my boyhood. I laughed so hard I cried, great big salty sentimental tears.

A while back, Blowing Shit Up With Gas mentioned on his blog that he had a couple of handfuls of comic books that he was looking to get rid of and wanted to know if they had any value. In the list was a comic book I have been looking for for twenty-two years. I left him a little note saying that I would be glad to pay him any reasonable price he could name, as I know he is moving and could use the cash, but I got no response. "Oh well," I thought, "I'm sure he is busy with the move and all, and he just missed it. I don't want to bug him about it."

Then I found it resting in my hot little hand after twenty-two years and I was moved.

Now I am not a comic book collector, although I own a few, but in 1986 Marvel Comics printed a six issue series of Robert E. Howard's (of Conan fame) "Solomon Kane", about a dour puritan who fought demons and the supernatural in the mid to late 1500's. He was everything I wanted in a childhood hero. He was this lost and troubled soul who fought the elements of Satan and righted wrongs where ever he felt God sent him. I admired this character and followed his exploits through all five of the six issues that Marvel printed, but I could never find the #3 issue. It was as elusive as the twenty-fifth beer in a case. It was not to be found.

But here it was, in mint condition, along with the other five, and I was dumbsquizzled.

So, to Sir Patrick Hillman ESQ., I owe you many, many thanks. You have made a 15/37 year old boy very happy, and for that I am truly grateful.

If you need help moving, I'd be glad to help, and if you ever find your way to N.E. Ohio stop by. I be glad to put you up and buy you a keg of Guinness and swap stories until the wee hours.

Your Friend,



  1. You're 15/37? How weird, I'm 12/39. Anyway, glad you liked them, Doc! I was looking around my office for anything else interesting to throw in the envelope & finally thought, "Yeah, 50 albums would be good -- including the Benny Hill Theme MP3, which I consider an essential file to have handy at all times." Enjoy!

  2. most days, gentlemen, I"m somewhere between 8/40 and 12/56. Odd place to be in, franklee...

    That is sooo cool! I had a handfull of completely NON-collectable comix from the 70's and my collection went towards the weird: comix with bizarre plots like a combo of Stephen King and Rod Serling. I remember one in particular where a Spanish surgeon "accidently" lets his knife slip and kills an important political figure who's ghost rises up out of his corpse in a beautiful (and terrifying) whispy way. The surgeon goes on vacation to avoid the ghost but-- sho'nuff-- gets in a car accident and has to be wheeled into his own surgery where he sees the ghost and babbles that he has to get outta' there.

    Of course, everyone thinks he's halucinating and there's this very vivid, full-page pix of the ghost strangling the surgeon. Scared the SHIT outta me for months afterwards. Warped me a lil' too, which I think is one of the bestest reasons for little boys to READ comix in th' first place. Who can forget the first time they read "CHUUX!" as Wolverine pushes his claws deep inside someone's guts?

    I never told my mum 'bout the comix, either, come to think of it.

  3. The Benny Hill theme is the first one we uploaded!

  4. BSUWG- I meant to thank you for the music too, but I didn't think of it until after I published the post.

    The Benny Hill theme rocks! I'd like to have that played at my funeral while scantily clad girls are chased around my coffin. That's how I want to go out.


  5. That's so great, of Patrick to send and of you to thank in such a heartfelt way Doc.

    Would it be wrong to ask for an invitation to that funeral?


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