Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fish Joke

All summer no one has had much luck catching anything out on the lake. No one except Jerry. Every weekend he packs up his little boat and goes out on the lake, and in the evening comes back with the boat just groaning with fish. After a while the game warden decides he had better look into this, just to make sure everything is on the up and up. So he waits at the dock, and sure enough, come the crack of dawn, here comes Jerry.

"Jerry, you don't mind if I come along with you today do you? You're the only person who has caught a damn thing out of this lake all summer, and I'd like to see your technique."

Jerry scratches his jaw and looks a little put out, but he agrees and loads up the boat. They motor along in silence for forty-five minutes or so until they pull into a large cove on the far side of the lake and Jerry cuts the engine and drops anchor.

"Warden, do me a favor would you? I've got some hot coffee and some sandwiches in the cooler there behind you. Would you fetch me a cup while I get my tackle ready?"

The Warden fumbles a bit but manages to pour a cup of coffee without spilling too much, and turns to hand it to Jerry, only to realise that Jerry is holding a lit stick of dynamite.

"What the hell do you think you are doing? You can't do that Jerry! Are you insane? This goes against a hundred laws! Are you out of your damn mind!"

Jerry calmly takes the cup of coffee and hands him the lit stick of dynamite, and by now the fuse is pretty short.

"Now you want to sit here and argue about it, or are you going to shut up and fish?" he asks with a smile.



  1. genn6- Jerry is catching fish by throwing dynamite into the water, which explodes, and then he collects the fish that have died from the explosion. This is why he catches so many and nobody else does.

    Perhaps I wasn't clear enough.


  2. Nope, you were clear enough, I'm just a little slow and know nothing about fishing.


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