Monday, September 22, 2008

Notes From The Bottom Drawer, "Evil Doc" edition

It wasn't until I was married that I realised that I had a split personality. Flannery pointed it out to me and I denied it for a long time until all the clues started to add up. The Jekyll and Hyde thing caught up with me. I have mentioned in earlier posts, I'm not much of a morning person. If I could fix it, my day would start at the crack of noon. I am a night person by nature. I hit my mental and creative stride at about 9:30ish pm.

Consequently, if you wake me at some unruly hour like 6ish, I am apt to do one of three things:

  • Try and make a mental note to write you out of the will and doze back off.
  • Take a defensive posture and brandish any weapon that comes to hand. That's why I drink from aluminum cans and don't sleep near sports equipment.
  • I will look you in the eye and tell you anything you want to hear with such coherent clarity that you could swear I was really going to give you the new car and the six-foot check for ass loads of money.

And the funny thing is, it is only my reptile brain functioning. I'm on autopilot and I will have no recollection of this ever transpiring later. Flannery and I have had long conversations where I have told her complicated instructions, promised to do things, and generally acted as if I were "with it" only to forget everything as soon as my head strikes a pillow.

I'm goofy that way. That's why Flannery refers to that guy as Evil Doc. least I think so.

**Author's Note** Today is the first day of Fall and the Autumnal Equinox occurs today. Southern Hemisphere, enjoy summer. We did.


  1. "Take a defensive posture and brandish any weapon that comes to hand. That's why I drink from aluminum cans and don't sleep near sports equipment."

    Same reason I never keep a firearm within arm's reach of the bed.

    Glad you enjoyed the summer...

  2. I'm ready for the big switch, 11:44 am isn't it? The leaves will change and start to fall and miniature sized candies will begin to disappear from bags all over the house.

    I do the opposite. I sleep with weapons all around just so everyone knows it's not the best time to wake me and ask me things. It works!

  3. I am just the opposite. 6 AM is when I am getting up and feeling good, 9:30 is when my body just wants to go horizontal and sleep the sleep of the dead.

  4. I am a after dinner type of person. Get my second wind and am good for another few hours. Before that...forgetaboutit.


  5. Love the word Autumnal.
    My, it's feeling autumnal today, isn't it, Doc?

  6. I'm a morning person ... and a late-night person. I need a lifestyle that allows siestas.

  7. BUBS: that's th' one that caught MY eye. Brillant stuff, ain't it??

    I am, by nature, a night owl, but I personally have been forced by the Amerikun Edd-yoo-mah-kay-shunn-al system to adapt to getting up at a ridiculously early time to be at school for children-- mine or some classroom full of somebody's elses.

    You'll note that this afternoon, when I let myself into your house, first I made lots of crashing sounds when Th' Girls said you were asnooze in bed. You'll also note that I allowed one of THEM to wake you up and stayed the required 6' away from the bed and did not, under any circumstances, touch your foot or throw something at you to wake you up.


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