Friday, September 19, 2008

Strohs Is Purty Gooooood

I've had a couple...thousand this evening. It's much tastier than PBR. My tounggue is numb and I can't really type. Doc is tryinbgh to tell me soemthing, but I can't really udnderastan d it. Now he's toalking about his mother. I think's time to hit the hay, lest I beleagire you further with muy durnkn typing.



  1. hmm I had a six pack and stangely enough, I understood what you wrote.



  2. that would be

    Me thinks I had tooooo much to drink!!!

  3. wait, wait, wait, WAIT! Didja leave any for ME for tomorrow night?

  4. sista #2: Party!

    GKL: Word!

    Cap'n: I'm saving you beer and making you homemade pizza.

  5. #2- All it takes is practise right?

    GkL- I could have sworn tequilla was your poison. I know you've hoisted a Guinness with Skyler's Dad, but a Strohs? Really?

    Cap'n Ergo- I hurried home from work with my arms laden with various cold beers and goodies only to be disappointed you weren't here. ::sigh:: Well, don't feel like you have gotta make an apointment with your Doc, just swing by when you get the chance. I promise I won't drink all the cold beer I bought for you, but only if you hurry.



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