Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beer Review: Great Lakes Brewing Company; Edmund Fitzgerald

Since I just learned that life is too short to drink cheap beer all the time, I ponied up a little extra cash for some Edmund Fitzgerald porter from the Great Lakes Brewing Company and boy am I glad I did! It is almost better than sex! Almost.

Where do I begin? The taste is astounding and their website describes it as, "A complex, roasty porter with a bittersweet, chocolate-coffee taste and bold hop presence," and while that sums it up pretty well, the key word here is "complex". There are nuances to the flavor that are beyond this poor writer's ability to quantify, and each sip is a new reward in the art of a truly great beer.

It was my intention to just have one or two and stretch the beer tasting to a couple of sittings so I could really make this review as complete as I could, but it was just too delicious and I drank all six.

Not only do the fine folks at Great Lakes Brewing make a fine beer, but you have to admire their commitment to the environment through their philosophy of the "Triple Bottom Line". While I'm not certain how widespread their distribution is or it's availability in your area, I would highly recommend seeking it out. At some point in the future, you will be able to order it online.

This is the kind of beer you would want to share with loved ones and very good friends, and would make a great gift for the beer lover in your life, provided you are unlike me and don't drink it all yourself. (Flannery got one sip) I hope you can get your hands on some, and I am really looking forward to reviewing more Great Lakes beer.

Next Up: three beers from the brewery Magic Hat from South Burlington Vermont.


  1. Yay! Magic Hat! Ok, I don't love their beer, but I get excited that it's from Vermont and you can actually buy it in places. My favorite Vermont beer is called Long Trail, but you can't get it where I am now. Terribly sad.

  2. I hear it is called Edmund Fitzgerald because it goes down easy...

    Bada boom! Thank you, I will be here all week...

  3. Hell, Spooky n' mee didn't even GET a sip!! What the hell?! >:-}

    ANYWAY, I know of what ye speaketh of. Back in... ooooh, lettuce say 1993 or thereabouts, my 1st ex and I would go to GLBC for a special nite out. I actually just ordered their appetizer-- the sausage platter-- and would drink my dinner and therefore spend all the $$$ we'd normally put towards food on drinks. Edmund Fitz was one of my favourites.

    You know that they're brewing a special red beer at this time of the year, right?? You gave us the movie of the same title, maybe we should get a six of this stuff and watch it...!!

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