Friday, October 24, 2008

Dale's Long Awaited Cartoon

I can honsetly say that this has been the hardest cartoon I've ever penned. I drew this one eight times and this is the best of the bunch and I'm still not happy with it but perhaps Dale will be forgiving.
This was the photo I had to go by and I don't think I really did him justice. He should have been more broad shouldered, but I tried very hard to capture his sauveness, culture, and rugged good looks. Perhaps the spats and cigarette holder were a bit over the top but you can get away with that in a cartoon. I tried to work in all of the elements he suggested including the leaky ceiling, the curtain climbing cat, and Honeypot, but the Korean Bagel Lady could only be represented by the poppy seed bagel next to his flute of champagne, even if it looks like a doughnut with sprinkles. Food is hard to draw as well as humorless Korean women.

Dale, I am truly sorry that it has taken me this long to come up with this. I can only beg you forgiveness and promise you that the next time you find yourself on this side of Lake Erie, I will buy you an expensive dinner, lots of beer, and we will venture out to the local opera and we can critique it together, but pardon me if I treat it like a Marx Brother's movie. Then we'll go to Tiki.



  1. Oh, I thought I was the hot statue there, the one with the hippy bush :-)

    Love the cartoon Doc and you did an amazing job considering what you had to work with. While I don't dress like that for the opera, I do dress like that casually at home.

    I'm honoured sir and I'll be over to pick up that dinner and to go Tiki. Did I mention opera season starts tomorrow for me? War & Peace, clocking in at just under 4 hours, pray for me.

    Thanks again.

  2. I want to stay at Dale's when I visit Canada. It looks pretty swell.

  3. Seriously....Dale looks like a party animal. Loving the cat climbing up the curtains.

    Wonderful job there Doc :)


  4. I dunno-- I thought U captured him quite well. Besides, if we play our cards right, we might be able to take him to $1 beer nite at the Elks, too.

    ::sigh:: I really need to take another drawing class... Everyone I know can draw and I can only draw with software.

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  6. Hey, Doc! It looks like Johnny looked 'round him and said, "well, I made the big time at last!"


  7. Dale- I included the statue as it was from a picture I found on your blog from long ago. I don't know, just some Greek pouring water from a jug.

    As far as what I had to work with, it was plenty! The trick was trying to incorporate all the good suggestions you gave me, as well as going back through your blog from the begining and finding so many rich tidbits that would have been wonderful to include so that I could create a drawing that would include as much of the essence of Dale as I could muster. I would have needed a much bigger canvas than a 9x6 piece of paper to hold it all.

    I'm very glad you like it, and I have a tux I lounge about the house with as well. The mailman has caught me in it so many times he thinks I'm a concert pianist.

    I don't know if you care for Wagner, but my knowledge of the opera is limited. That's why Honeypot is only mentioned and not seen. I think you will agree that that is best. If you want the short version of War & Peace Dale, that's easy: It's Napolean's Fault. End Of Story. Pity it isn't two showings of Woody Allen's "Love & Death" as it would be much funnier.


  8. I think he must be my water sign Aquarius guy Doc. The only way to get more of my essence into it would have been to produce it in Smell-o-Vision so you've done a bang up job. I love it and just wrote about it on my blog. Thanks again.

    Cap'n - I might be able to draw after several $1 beers, otherwise I leave it to the pros.

  9. Ohmygod, how great is that cartoon?! love it! it's exactly Dale, I've seen him in spats...well done, Doc!

  10. For anyone following Passion of the Dale, the high points are all there. And for all we know, the KBL sells doughnuts too.

    Very cool.


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