Monday, October 20, 2008

Editor's Note: A Change in Staff

We at Social Zymurgy; The Culture Of Beer would like to welcome the return of Cap'n Ergo Jinglebollocks to our writing staff. This is a long, awkward, and painfully awaited staff change here at SZ; tcob. Long in the coming, awkward in the fact that in no way could Blogger be convinced that he had a valid sign-in, and painful because I have had to listen to him bellyache about not being able to write for a blog he started.

So on Saturday I finally broke down and said, "Here, take my sign in, on one condition: You make it clear that it is You writing, not me. I don't need the angry hate mail from the confusion!" He looked at me with that half-cocked grin that only pirates and snake-charmers employ and turned himself loose on our little cyber-bar. The results are printed below. I was caught in a moment of weakness after spending the better part of a week recovering from a bout of heart trouble, spending the entire day at hard labor, and being slightly over my six beer limit. Like I say, it was a moment of weakness.

For the better part of a year I have listened to the wailing, lamentations, and great gnashings of teeth about how he wants so badly to write for our little cyber-bar but his exclusion was none of my doing as he has gone from fruit to fruit to pirate, and none of these could accept my electronic invitation, though I tried six times. Blogger gave them all the finger and that was that.

So Cap'n Ergo Jinglebollocks now has writing privileges as well as editorship authority. One, because I can deny him nothing, and two, he has my sign-in. While I retain Senior Editor-In-Chief status and my ugly picture will hang under that heading, the Cap'n has become Contributing Editor, and can add, edit, and tinker as he sees fit. I can only hope the he chooses to abide by the charter and keep the nudity to a minimum and mildly tasteful. Flannery will still head up our Entertainment Beat columns and the IT department, as well as General Silliness.

I have no idea what the Cap'n has lined up nor when he will pop in, but rest assured, whatever it is, I can guarantee one thing. It will be top shelf, Grade A, no holds barred zany, and that's the kind of stuff we like around here.

So Cap'n, may the wind fill your sails, treasure line your chests, your horses be fast, your beer always cold, your women warm, and your whiskey old. Welcome back ol' friend!

And make sure they know it's you writing.



  1. I'm not very good with change. Please go slowly for me, thank you...

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  3. Yarr, Mateys! Permission to come aboard!!

    Aaaah, yes. I think back to the day I launched this vessel, on... ::rustles cyber documents:: ...on Saturday, April 1st 2006 (Fools Day, no less).

    The last recorded entry I have is from March 2007 in which I wrote a book review, but by then I felt that what I had to say was more-or-less already done. Meanwhile, I must say I've been well satisfied with every little word you've penned, Doc, and I like what you've done with the place.

    I don't know how often i'll pop in, probably intermittently, but I'm sure you'll know it's me writing, because so far I'm the only person I know who puts the TITLE OF EVERY POST IN ALL CAPS.

    Maybe for kicks I'll change the text to a different colour as well. how do you feel about pink??

  4. Wait...did I see you say....the Cap'n is bringing nudity??



  5. Skyler's Dad- I had you in mind when I made my conditions.

    Cap'n Ergo- I love pink, but what guy doesn't?

    Gifted Typist- The banner you can blame on Flannery, but Cap'n Ergo is to the beat of a much different drummer. Brace yourself.

    #2- Be careful what you wish for. It just might be Ernest Borgnine and not the hotties that appear every Tuesday at your place. You've been warned.

    Dale- Because I use a lot more commas and hyphens than he does and I don't write with as much of an accent. And he doesn't publish your cartoon on Wednesday. You sir, have waited too long.



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