Thursday, October 02, 2008


1. The oldest comes running through the house at breakneck speed yelling, "I know what the strongest thing in the world is! I know what the strongest thing in the world is!" She only halts in her tracks when she reaches me in the kitchen. "What is that baby?" She throws her arms into the air for a hug and says, "Love!"

2. I go into the guest bathroom and find three brand new rolls of toilet paper sitting on the sink. The rolls are unharmed and all three have not been unraveled, as the first tab of toilet paper remains stuck just as it came from the factory. Beside the three rolls sit the three cardboard tubes that should be in the center of these rolls. The tubes are whole and unwrinkled, and for the life I me, I can't figure out how they got them out of the rolls unmolested. I'm raising geniuses.

3. The oldest never says "interesting". She says "instressting".



  1. As quickly as you can grasshopper, snatch the cardboard from my toilet paper...

    Time for you to leave.

  2. Very instressing.
    She's already performing magic tricks. Just wait until she figures out all the slight of hand I showed them ;)

  3. Hah! Wonderful stuff!! Perfect for this fall time-o-year, somehow, when I find myself getting too bogged down with details.

    I think this should be a regular feature.

  4. 'Clever', certainly, but 'Genius' is reserved for when they put the cardboard back in the rolls, put them back in the dispenser, and wipe their own bums.

  5. love the kids Doc!!!

    Now get them to tell me how they did the toilet paper thing.



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