Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dad's Night

My pal, Skyler's Dad, tagged me for a meme, and since I can refuse him nothing, here it is.

"The premise is that the wife is out that night and it's just you and the kids hanging out. What movies would you watch with them?" Well, my idea of Dad's night is that Flannery stays home with the kids while I sneak away to the Tiki bar for an evening of cold beer and warm friends, but that isn't the question at all.

As Flannery often has to travel and is gone for days at a time, this is a frequent ocurrance here. Given the chance, I would want to sit through The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly for the millionth time, but this is much too violent for two little girls, so we often settle for one of their favorites and not mine.

Lucy is fond of the Pink Panther (the cartoon, not the film) and Rocky & Bullwinkle. Riley likes Singing In The Rain or some Charlie Chaplin movies that we own. The Pawnshop is one of her favorites as well as Burlesque On Carmen.

Lately, we just sit down and watch Mythbusters, as all three of us can agree that it is the best thing ever put on television, bar none.

I don't think I'll be tagging anyone, as most of my readers are childless or ladies, but I would be interested in hearing what Cap'n Ergo Jinglebollocks has to add.

See you at the movies,


  1. You are fast good sir! I agree with you on Mythbusters, excellent choice.

  2. OK, so I do I post here on on my own blogg?

    I'm with doc on the above-- I'll take a night out vs. in!! But I'll get something more responsible up on my site soon!!

  3. Yet another positive enticement to Mythbusters. I must get onto this good thing


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