Friday, November 07, 2008

Generation Gaps

I was at my Mom's house to pick up the girls after work. When I got there, Riley and Mom were working on Riley's homework. Lucy was sitting at the breakfast bar, sans shirt, eating mashed potatoes and gravy. Grandma was laying down, having stayed up to late watching the election results.

Eventually, Riley finished up and I had a salad. Grandma got up and sat down near by. We talked about how amazing last night was and got emotional. Well, I got emotional. As I was futzing around with my dishes, my Mom jumped and reached for a box...

"Oh, hey, Mom? Where are those glasses we bought?" she asked my Grandma.

"Over there on the counter."

"Look at this," Mom said as she showed me a box of ice shot glasses.

"What is that?"

"I think it's for making Jello shots, see?" she said as she pointed to the dark cherry contents of the glasses in the picture.

"Oh, they're so good! Aren't they, Mom?" my Mom asked of my Grandma.

"Oh, yes."

"Wait a minute," I said as I read the box, "These are "ice" shot glasses...they are glasses made of ice."

"I know," Mom said, "Aren't they pretty?"

"Well, yes, but they're not glass glasses...they're glasses made of ice."


"Here, let me see," my Grandma said as she joined us at the counter.

"See," I said, "They're glasses, but they are ice..."

I pulled the instructions out to be sure I was right about this, and, yes, I was (see picture above). You pour the water in, put in the little mold to make the cup part and you freeze the daggone thing. shot glasses.

I explained as much and my Grandma looked at me quizzically and took the directions to read them for herself.

"Huh," Mom said.

"You couldn't make jello shots in these..." I said.

"Because they would melt," my Mom and I said in unison.

"It's really cool!" I said, getting excited about this silly little piece of whimsy. "You can freeze these up, pour in some booze, drink it up and eat the cup!" I was tickled because it reminded me of the Mad Hatter eating a tea cup in the cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland. I imagined myself whipping out frozen shot glasses for our annual Groundhog's Day party (mark you calendars now, folks).

"Or," I said, inspired now, "You could make boilermakers with them!!"

"Boilermakers?" my Mom asked.

"Yeah, isn't that where you get a beer and a shot and you drop the shot glass into the beer?" I asked.

"No," my Grandma said, "You toss back the shot, then drink the beer."

I gave her this point but made a mental note to check that fact with Doc.

"Well," I said, "They're really cool anyway."

"Take them home with you," my Mom said, "There was another one at the store and we'll go get it,"

"I'd really like to give them a shot..." I said and we chuckled at the pun, "I'm going to have to stop and get some booze..."

"Here," she said, turning to their fridge, "Here's most of a bottle of Margarita mix with the booze already in it."

She grabbed a Fisher's bag and started packing it up. I rounded up the kids and the steam cleaner Mom gave to me and hit the road, anxious to give this novelty a try. They're in the freezer as we speak and Doc said they're ready to go.

I let you know if they are all I hope them to be. I promise; I won't make jello shots in them.

Report...they are everything I thought them to be...but you gotta be quick!



  1. Great story Flannery, and I m siding with you on the boilermaker sequence.

  2. that's interesting, though I'm sorta failing to see the purpose.

    And there IS something where you drop the whole shotglass into your beer, but I don't know what it is. Besides, wouldn't the outside be dirty and fingerprinty??

  3. Now that is exciting family fun. I'm glad grandma got enthusiastic about the whole thing.

    And I always sided with her on the boilermaker--it was basically a shot with a beer back.

  4. I remember one time doing the shot into the beer thing....I cannot remember what it was called, but I do remember you had to drink it fast......

    The ice cups look awesome! Going to have to look for those bad boys :)


  5. Cap'n's right...what is that called? Hey, he just made me use two apostrophes there. Oughta be a law...

  6. My friend had these at her house the other day and I had a similar conversation. It took forever, but the lightbulb finally lit up... then I was glad SV was there to drive me home.


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