Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two-Thirds Of A Beer?

Those wacky kids at the Weights and Measures office are at it again. Come April, English bar patrons will have a new size option for their suds besides the beloved pint or the dainty half-pint. The W & M folks have authorized a two-thirds pint glass. The spokeman for the British Beer and Pub Association, Neil Williams, said it would be similiar in size to many continental bottled beers and would encourage customers to order these brews by the draft. Honestly Neil, do British people really need encouragement to drink beer?

The two-thirds pint works out to 378.5 milliliters, or slightly more than twelve ounces. Williams went on to say that the new size would appeal to the lunch crowd, and drinkers of specialty beers with higher alcohol contents. "It just makes sense to to add the two-thirds pint because for some customers and styles of beer, it'll just seem like the right size." While Jonathon Mail, spokesman for the Campaign for Real Ale, warned that a two-thirds pint could lead to too much drinking.

Bullshit. Buy your pint and suck it down like a man you pansy. Two-thirds of a pint is like two-thirds of sex. It sounds fun and exciting until you get to the bottom.


**Editors Note** This article was lifted in part from one published in the Canton Repository, Saturday, October 25, 2008 written by Elle Moxley of the Associated Press. I can only hope that in reseaching this article, Ms. Moxley drank too many two-thirds pints and later did something she was ashamed of.


  1. I never understood the concept of a half pint, and now they want to confuse me further with 2/3 pint? I'm with you Doc, suck down that pint and be happy you don't have to drink Coors Light!

  2. Hey now, that extra 1/3 could be the difference between a drunk Englishmen and a violent one, especially if you're at a football game. Proceed with caution.

  3. There is absolutely completely and utterly no way a single person the length and breadth of Scotland is going to stroll up to the bar and ask for 2/3rds of a pint...

    You'll be killed!

  4. Doc,

    You are the first person I thought of when I saw this article, This Heineken is for you.

  5. The first thing that comes to mind is "1894" where Winston wanders into the Proles Section and tries to find out if what he remembers from his childhood is real or not. He discovers an old man who argues with the barman about litres and half-litres. Says the old man that he wants a PINT, and (of course) the barman says that there 'ent no such thing. "But a litre is too much and a half litre don't satisfy!" he cries.

    Apparently there's been many cries of "the half pint don't satisfy!" lately.

    Either that, or the Amalgamated Association of English Pub Glass Manufacturers has been lookin' for new business... They ARE a strong union, I've heard....


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