Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some Days It's Not Worth Chewing Through The Leather Sofa

Today is a day of upheaveal here at the Lodge. We are getting ready for our annual Groundhog's Day celebration and that means work, and lots of it. In years past this has always been a small affair with just some family and a few friends. It was small, intimate, and cozy.

Not this year.

This year Flannery invited some thirty to forty people and everyone said they were coming. Now our tiny abode will not accomodate that many people comfortably, and I'm not so certain that it will hold half that many.

To complicate matters, the In-Laws are giving us their large leather sofa, as well as a loveseat, TV stand, TV, and whatever other cast-off furniture they feel like shedding. This is wonderful, as our two children have been working very hard at ruining the furniture we already have, e.g. holes cut into our sofa and chairs, food and drink stains, kicking out the speaker of our vintage radio, small fires, artwork done in paint and marker, broken glass, and just a general disregard for having a stick of furniture that doesn't look like it was rescued from the city dump. Bums living under a bridge wouldn't want our furniture.

So we are getting their lovely, gently-used furniture, which is great because our home will no longer look like a crack house turned into a small daycare center when everyone arrives for the party. The rotten part is that we have to find room for the old furniture.

The only solution that I can see is making a large bonfire out of it so that some of our party crowd will have something to warm themselves by in -10 degree weather outside. I am more than a little daunted by the sheer effort it is going to take to clean, rearrange, put away, throw out, haul off, and reconstruct our house for this one shindig. I have been working my ass off for a week and am only now starting to see the dent I've made.

Well, back to work. The moving truck is here.



  1. I truly wish I could be there for the big shindig, I would even help you move stuff - like old bodies!

  2. I drove a moving truck once


    Almost crashed it, but that was part of the fun

  3. Skyler's Dad- I sure wish you could be here too old friend, but I understand that travel for you is as out of the question as it is for me, but I'd trade my left nut if you could make it!

    Miles McClagan- Most every moving truck I ever drove, I wrecked. That's most of the reason why we settled here. This is where the truck wrecked last. Nice to hear from you man.

    Some Guy- I suspect that there will be plenty of photos, but Flannery is really the photographer in the family, so she will be taking them all, and I'm sure a few of them will be G-rated enough to publish. Hope you aren't freezing on ski patrol.


  4. But after the party's over, you'll get to enjoy having all the extra space and major chores done so you can just keep up with the day-to-day stuff. It really helps out for a while!
    I expect to be there BTW!

  5. I was going to say what genn6 said, but also how jealous I am of that f'awesone round (washable) sofa- if the one in the pic is, indeed, the one you are inheriting.

    Last time my inlaws came over, my father-in-law asked, "Oh, did you get a new sofa ('and prioritize that over money you owe us,' was only implied)?"

    My reply?

    "No, I just took off the cushion covers and washed them."

    The rest of the couch may look like crap, but darnit, those cushions were clean (for one day)!

  6. I need new furniture.......Is your old stuff that bad?

    I hate the thought of going out and buying it. You buy it, your stuck with it. Unless you are my friend who buys a new couch almost every year. She gets bored very easily.



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