Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How I Found True Love

Have you found true love? I'm assuming you have, or you at least have your radar on for it, or at least something close. I am one of the lucky few that has found true love in this cold and unfeeling world and I'll tell you how I snagged her.

I recited from memory the words to this song:

I have no earthly idea why this would signal to her that I was her soulmate, but it did.



  1. It was a magical moment. I don't know why, but at that moment, I knew he was a keeper.

  2. You left out the part where you were naked...

  3. I would have fallen for anyone who could recite the lyrics to "Hot Rod Lincoln"

    So he said to me Son your gonna drive me to drinkin if you don't stop drivin that Hot Rod Lincoln

    REmember that one Doc? Flannery?

  4. Skyler's Dad- Yes, I was naked but most of me was covered by a bar towel.

    Gifted Typist- Yes, I remember it well as I had it on 8-track. It was a toss up between the two, but it seemed more dignified to go with a used truck ad than telling her how I had stolen auto parts for years. After all, one must be a tad careful when courting one's mate. I'm sure you have had a similiar delimma when you landed Mr. Typist. Please feel free to share the particulars. I am waiting with baited breathe.


  5. Do you know the first time I ever got picked up, as in went back to someones house, it was a girl who wooed by reciting the words to Sex and Candy?

    My smooth line was I don't have any candy...

    Oh you crafty fox


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