Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's In A Name?

My exgirlfriend once told me that if she ever started a band she would call it "Gothic Woodpecker".
I told this story to Flannery and she suggested "Productive Cough".
What would you call your band?


  1. Twenty years ago, I would have called my band Dead Pigeons. Now, Social Promotion.

  2. The 4 nicators was already used, so I got nuthin.

  3. The Von Bibras, or The Dowlings, or The Fieldings...

    That way I could make up a back story involving my old home town of Penguin...

    I like The Von Bibras

  4. This one wasn't my idea, but I've always liked "Willy And The Lo-men".

  5. Dr Mookie Love & the Post Coital Cigarette...and we would go platinum off the name alone. Never mind that we play funky R&B lounge music. Oh yeah, it's a genre now. :)

  6. how about a song that my college buddy Nick wrote called "The Fantastic Plastic Sex Machine"-- that's kinda katchy in a tacky way, no??

    how about "Kidney Failure"??

    How about "Junior Barnes"??

  7. Flannery and I have had this conversation many times. She always says Productive Cough and I always say Volcanic Breakfast.

  8. I could so see myself being the lead singer in a band.

    I'd wear leather, CMFB's, the whole nine yards....

    yeah, maybe 20 years ago......

    CFMB's.....the name of my band.



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