Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Reason For My Untimely Demise

In an effort to save some taxpayer money, I am going to save my local coroner all the fuss of an autopsy. All of the above played a contributing factor in my demise.

But mostly it was this one. This was the final nail, 'cause these things are good!



  1. Dude, the meat and the smokes are going to kill you like they almost killed me. I'm telling you now, lay off 'em.

  2. The fine people at Johnsonville know their stuff.

  3. Oh, hell yeah, that'll kill ya!!

    What IS it with Amerikuns and CHEESE, I ask?? Especially orangy cheeses found in places they shouldn't be??

    MY downfall, though, I should admit is similar: sweet Italian sausages boiled in beer then grilled and served up w/a nice brown mustard. Watch out, Spooky bought charcoal for the grill yesterday!!

  4. Looks like a well rounded dinner to me.

  5. You should work on creating a hot dog that you can smoke.

    That sounds like a set-up to a dirty joke.

  6. You should limit your diet to chocolate Jesuses at this time of year Doc. I'm still laughing my ears off at your comment. Truly hilarious.


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