Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chicago Boondoggle

Well she is off again. Flannery has finagled a "work trip" into a semi-vacation and has left yours truly to hold down the fort while she meets up with Bubs at Hala-Kahiki, a swanky Tiki bar. There isn't too much of blogdom that she hasn't met. Coaster Punchman & Poor George, Beckeye, Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein, and many others I'm sure. I've gotten to meet Some Guy, but only because he came to my house.

Now she is off to Chicago, home of good blues, good food, good Tiki bars, and good people, while I am at home like a dog chained up in the backyard. She is meeting up with Johnny Yen, Grant Miller, and Bubs & MizBubs. There may be more, I don't know, as she hid the guest list from me and droned on and on about what a grueling week of "work" she had to look forward to. "Sure honey, whatever you say."

I'm not really as bitter and disgruntled as I sound. I'm just disappointed that, once again, I'm missing out on meeting some of the fine folks that I've gotten to know from reading their blogs. I know every time she has to go out of town it is something of a draining experience for her and she comes home tired and spent, ready to climb into her own little bed and sleep for a week. I'm glad that she at least gets to have a night on the town with friends and I'm certain it will be the highlight of the trip. She promised to take lots of pictures and I can't wait to see them, as it is always nice to have some photos to go with the wonderful tales that she inevitably brings home.

So here's to you Windy City, and to Bubs for showing a nice lady a good time on the nickel tour. Hoist a cold one for me and know that while I'm keeping the home fires burning, I'm grateful for your hospitality even if I didn't get the chance to experience it.

And Flannery, have a grand time, but hurry home. I love ya, and I miss you something awful.

Your lovin' man,


  1. It's a rare treat when the whole family gets to travel together. Hey, in another five years, you all can go, including the little ones who won't be so little anymore.

    The family got a real nice treat right around my birthday, as the youngest sister of The Missus brought her hubby, my two nephews, and niece. The youngest nephew is seven, so he was just barely old enough to take the sights of the city in and not get too tired.

  2. Wow, those were really kind words. Your a super man! Keep the fort safe!

    Have a Happy Wednesday!

    - Jennifer

  3. I know where my next 5 mile bike trip is taking me, an' it ain't to Wal-Mart!!

    Besides, the tires need air and you've got th' pump. What do we need to review THIS week? I'm sure we've got something we can throw together o'er the course of an afternoon.

  4. I'm jealous too. All of those people are much cooler than me.

  5. I wish you all could have been there, especially you, Doc. See you tomorrow!


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