Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Can I Interest You In A Tea Cookie?

There are many facets to my job in the bakery that were not spelled out by the employee handbook. My work provides challenges I never envisioned when I took this job, like how to shoo away all of the drooling diabetics from the doughnut counter, or how to write "Happy Birthday Grandpa" on a cake in Hungarian or Greek.

One of the most rewarding features is seeing the look of relief on the face of a desperate parent when I put a free cookie into the hand of their screaming progeny and the kid shuts up. You have to be quick, but you can look around and see the other shoppers sigh too, now that the only audible annoyance is the Muzak.

Most of the kids mutter a "thank you" in between bites and the mothers are often a little forward in their gratitude, especially one young lady who offered to lick my cream cheese icing. Another suggested something about her muffin, but I wasn't listening.

The dads just nod and throw the cart into reverse and head for the cold beer.

My job has challenges. How about yours?



  1. I think you have the better job, just because nobody ever offers me a muffin or to lick my icing...

  2. I was about to agree with SkyDad but then I remembered the people I work with and I'm glad no one does anything with my muffin.

  3. You sell beer in your bakery? Oh man, I love Americans!

    My muffin is also undisturbed.

  4. oh, IF ONLY a cookie could solve the troubles my customers bring ME...


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