Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Day Of Recognition Has Dawned!

The only recognition that I can recall garnering involved a police line-up and the award that came with it entailed ten days in the Iron Bar Hilton and a public apology to the girl's mother in front of the entire P.T.A.

Not this time!

This time I have been recognized by not one, but two powerhouses of blogdom! I refer to none other than Freida Bee, and the bad tempered zombie herself, Barbara Bruederlin.

I can only assume that both of these young ladies have been drinking heavily and chasing it with cold medicine, but I am not above accepting these awards even if the bestowers were plowed. I do have scruples, but they are very small, seldom used, and reside at the back of the kitchen junk drawer right next to my morals, my ethics, and several antique packets of taco sauce, but that is niether here nor there.

From my irritated undead friend, I got an Excellent blog award, and from Ms. Free 2 Be, I got a Kreativ Blogger award, but like all of life's majestic wonders there is a catch. Barb asks that I nominate 10 other bloggers and Freida asks for seven things I like that aren't people. So here are all 17 at once:

1. Pulling on underware that are still hot from the dryer.
A. The Baroness Von Bloggenschtern.
2. A really funny dirty joke.
B. Ubermilf.
3. Finding money in my pocket that I didn't know I had that will be promptly blown on beer.
C. Randal Graves.
4. The feel of climbing into cool, fresh, clean sheets that I didn't have to wash, dry, and put on the bed.
5. The familiar caw of a crow.
E. Beach Bum.
6. Celery
F. Alan Griffiths.
7. Beer. (What? You were expecting me to say puppies, rainbows, and hugs from small children? Not a chance.)
G. Pipe Tobacco.
H. The Right Honorable Cormac Brown.
I. Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein.
J. And perhaps my all time favorite, Skyler's Dad.

I must admit that I work very hard on my blog and I put a lot of my heart and soul into it. It is important to me that when you come here, there is something entertaining, fun, and funny. I work harder on this than anything I have ever done in my life and it consumes great gobs of my time. I thank you both deeply for your kind nod and I hope to continue to make you laugh.

Your friend,


  1. Oh my god I think I will go throw my underwear in the dryer for a few minutes! I can't think of any nicer than lovely warm nether parts.

    Congrats on both of your awards; I shall be checking out your nominees. And for the record, I wasn't even all that drunk.

  2. I have never been so honored to receive an "E" on anything since that day in college when I received one for Art Appreciation. Only this time I am wondering why me? Why now? I was just starting to nurse that wonderful period of winter time blues and here you have snatched it way from me. Thanks a lot.

    No seriously Doc. I do appreciate your nod. Thank You. I too put more than I probably should into my words. I certainly think about them way too much. I will try to rise to the level this stamp of approval dictates.

    Uh Oh......I feel a post coming on. I'll have to cross my legs and hold it though. I have to go open the shop.

  3. You can't fool me, this is merely a cheap ploy to get your honorees to buy the next round. I'm insulted. Now drink your beer.

  4. I am honored sir! So much that Friday night as I sit at my favorite tiki bar on Hilton Head Island I will buy everyone a round. Now y'all just have to get down here.

  5. Thanks, Doc! You really deserve that award by the way.


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