Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I've Been Naughty...

I have been a bad blogger and a poor friend. I have been posting very little other than my Flash Fiction Friday stories which translates to once a week. I've been trying to follow your posts but have only caught them piecemeal and haven't had the time to comment. Flannery and I have agreed to have her side of the family over for Xmas so I've been trying to transform our messy but comfortable home into a good place to entertain for the holidays. This has been more of a chore than you can possibly imagine.

I am more than a little overwhelmed. I have pumpkins growing out of the bathroom sink for one. The walls have signatures in marker on them from both of my kids and are only punctuated by hand prints of various foods, drinks, or makeup. The sofa is full of half-eaten pop tarts and an assortment of crayons, chips, popcorn, and loose change. Every window has nose prints and every floor needs cleaned. I am attempting to climb the mountain of laundry but I'm going to need a Sherpa guide to reach the summit, and my schedule at work has picked up considerably.

In short, I'm swamped.

That being said, I make a solemn promise to post more and drop by more often. I have a few choice pieces from the archives that deserve dusting off and reprinting. I have several new readers who may have missed these the first time around and I am a firm believer in recycling. In the next couple of days, be on the look out for a Christmas story that I am particularly proud of.

My picture will appear in the local paper tomorrow. It is with deep regret that it will not be in the financial pages, the comics, or under the heading, "Drunk Nude Man Arrested At Rotary Club!" No, my bakery is being featured for our exceptional cookies and I was forced into the photo op. I don't know about you but I dislike having my picture taken. I am, by nature, a ham and it would make perfect sense if I liked being photographed but I don't. The only good picture of me was taken twenty some odd years ago and I was dressed as Indiana Jones. The header pic above was put up by Flannery and I am just too lazy to change it.

Lately, I have been consumed with a horrible lethargy and it is much too early for the winter blahs. My chest pains have returned and I've managed to bust my ankle somehow. I have a broken tooth and a loss of appetite. Should any of you have a cure to suggest, I'm all ears.

Look for the fist part of a Xmas story tomorrow.



  1. Can I have your pumpkins? I love pumpkin pie.

    Um, yeah, verily get thee to a physick man, pronto.

  2. I suppose your bad blogginess is why you haven't gotten any votes in the Firecrotch of the Year contest yet!


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