Friday, March 26, 2010

Five For Friday

No, not a five string. Five Jokes for Friday!

Every year in January I compile a "best of" from the year before and put it up while my New Year's Eve hangover settles down. It's the end of March now and I'm just finishing up.

I discovered our lap top has a camera and I experimented with it just for kicks. What follows are five dirty jokes I told, each under two minutes in length. So start your week end off with a chuckle:

"Redneck Logic"

"Wash In The Holy Water Please!"

"Be Careful What You Love..."

"Did You Jump?"

"The Greatest Love Of All"



  1. Doc, I've now got to go and pick my youngest up from nuresey and try to explain that I have been crying out of enjoyment. I have just pissed my sides and the last hat was the icing on the cake. Top job mate.

    Regards bud, David.

  2. You nailed my redneck kinfolk right on the head with that first joke. All the other jokes split my sides as well.

  3. I loved it! Wash in the Holy Water was my favorite!

  4. Those were absolutely great Doc. Keep em coming.

  5. Goddamn funny stuff, sir.

    Now we just need to collect more hats so you can keep telling more jokes. Quick, someone get Doc a Russian cap!

  6. Thank you all for dropping by. I'll do some more of these as soon as I can find some new jokes.

    And don't worry Randal, I've got lots of hats.



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