Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I Owe You More Than One

So National Blog Posting Month is in it's third day and I have been meaning to do this for about five years running. Truth be told, I never have. The first of November is my birthday and that pretty much means I won't be posting as I'm busy celebrating living for one more year. The past few years have been pretty calm and a far cry from the orgys of my tender youth. I missed the beginning of NoBloPloMo for some legitimate reasons this year which is something I've never been able to do in the past. This year I had a kid barfing in my bed and waiting on the plumber to distract me from what should be the beginning of the greatest thirty days of my blog career for the year. Needless to say, these circumstances intervened and I'm only now recovering.

I was going to put something up yesterday but I ran into a snag. I learned this year that I have Bipolar Disease. Much like a two-cycle engine, I need the right mix. If I run too rich, I'm manic and I approach things with a Devil may care attitude. If I run too thin, I am sunk into the blues. On occasion, I suffer from what the text books refer to as "racing thoughts".

Picture yourself lost in a lonely wood. Now have two pots of coffee with three Red Bull chasers. Imagine that you are confronted with an axe-wielding maniac and you get some context as to "racing thoughts". It's fight or flight at it's most keen, even though you are simply trying to load the dishwasher. Never in my life have I ever suffered from this problem before I started taking medication to prevent this sort of thing. It is as if the snake oil salesman is trying to peddle me the snake as well as the cure. Damn them.

I'm still in the midst of moving even though it's been over a month. Picking up everything you own and rearranging it takes more time than I thought. For the thirteen years I've been married, it seems as if we have moved every three years or so. I'm starting to put casters on everything we own. In another five years I will be able to pack everything into a hobo's handkerchief and sling it from a stick over my shoulder.

I'm so very sorry that I haven't been keeping up with your doings but I've been busy being Dad, moving, and checking my mental dipstick. I plan on fixing that as of now. I WILL post every day for the rest of the month and I also resolve to read every damn thing you post for the month and leave a nice comment as well. I won't let Facebook or Frontierville interfere anymore. As Flannery and God are my witnesses, I swear. Cross my heart.

After all, I owe you more than one,



  1. Doc - I hope the moving finally gets 'done' and you can catch your breath (I DO like the idea of casters on everything....! :-) )

    I wasn't aware of this National Blog Posting whatsit - very interesting! You learn something everyday!

    I will be dropping by to catch your daily posts! (no pressure...!)

    All the best Doc - keep in touch!

  2. We will wait for you until you feel like posting, and all understand that there are things in your life way, way more important than some electronic words.

  3. "checking my mental dipstick." THAT'S tasty... I'm pinching it, BTW...

    As far as breakin' th FrontierVille hex... well, if writing can replace tending peanuts then you might have a running shot. As for ME, I dind't post a damned thing all of October BECAUSE I was tending electronic peanuts and raising up my chicken army (hence that cry of anguished horror a few weeks ago when I accidently sold my bob-damned chicken coop).

    Anyhoodle, y'all don't owes us nuthin', nuthin' ay-tall... Though a rawkin Sat nite of jigsaw puzzle puttin 2-gethah might be nice...

  4. Dude, take care of yourself. This stuff isn't going anywhere.

  5. Dude, go to your local library, find the most obscure novel ever, and pass daily chunks of that off as your own, kill two NaBloPoMo/NaNoWriMos with one internets.

  6. Doc - Nice to hear from you, bud. Take it easy and get yourself fighting fit. Patiently waiting for one of your campfire tales. I say patiently, what I mean is.....get some writing done!!! Hahaha!!

    Regards to you and yours, David.

  7. You do have some iron-clad excuses for not giving your adoring throngs the words of Doc we so keenly crave, so we will cut you some slack. Checking the mental dipstick is a delicate and time-consuming task. We can wait.

  8. Good luck Doc! Grueling times eventually do make way for better. :)


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