Thursday, February 10, 2011

From the Mouthes Of Babes

Like most of the country, the recent ice storm that we had knocked out our power for several days. The kids embraced the idea of camping out in our basement by the kerosene heater and playing board games by candlelight. While we were rearranging the laundry room into a more suitable living area, I thought it might be a good idea to explain some fire safety tips.

"Now you have to understand," I began, "this heater is a wonderful tool. It gives us heat and light but we have to be very, very careful around it. It can start a fire, and while it is a great tool, it can go horribly wrong in a hurry."

And without ever missing a beat, my youngest, Lucy, chimes in, "Like a wedding?"



  1. Snort! That was a great line, Lucy deserves her own talk show.

    Get on that, will ya?

  2. Awesome!! Haha!!

    Hope all is well with you and your family, Doc. Good to see you out and about, my friend!

  3. I wonder where she gets her wit from......!
    I hope the power situation is back to normal now - I've been hearing horror stories from my cousin in the-edge-of-the-back-of-beyond in NH...they had to juggle the generators around for power or heat and watch their roof bowing with the weight of snow on it!!!

  4. Sorry, I personally believe weddings are far worse disasters.

  5. No flies on that girl! You will, of course, have to remind her of that statement at her own wedding...

  6. This level of intelligence would surprise me more if I didn't know her parents


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