Monday, August 07, 2006

John Harvard's

I've returned from John Harvards on my final night in Cambridge. I'm a little tipsy and very tired. I have the feeling of not being able to go home again, home being John Harvards. While here, I discovered that it is not a unique Cambridge establishment but part of a chain (boo!!). Also, they were out of Growlers, 64 ounce jugs you can buy to take some of their home brew home with you. So, I'm not able to share it with Doc.

I'm bummed. It wasn't as fun as it was last year. Oh, well. In 24 hours I shall be back in my place at the Tiki bar and all this nonsense will be behind me.


  1. Well Dear,
    the Tiki bar has missed you and needs you badly, and so do I!

  2. Yeah, JH IS a chain-- there's one in Pittsburgh and I think one down here in Mandarin as well...

    Oh, and the Growler probably woulda' been a shook up and flat by the time you got home-- I've gotten growlers meself. (I'm checking Wiki, but I think "growler" is a word they made up to sound like they're from the 1700's or something).


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