Saturday, December 30, 2006

People I Would Like To Buy A Beer, part 16

Mae West.

This Lady was a class act. She was a Grand Dame and a "Good Ol' Broad". Broad has come to mean something negitive, but not in my book. A Broad is a straight shooter, she is wise to the ways of the world, she can drink with the "Boys" and hold her own, she is a no-bullshit woman, she has a code that she lives by, she is charitable and kind, and can laugh long and loud, she is comfortable with her own sexuality, and tells a mean dirty joke.

I have had the privilege of knowing a few "Good Ol' Broads", hell, I married one. If you really want to know what a "Good Ol' Broad" is like, the four best examples I can think of are: Flannery Alden, Madame E (we don't call her Madame for no good reason!), Genn6, and Mae West.

Mae West was smokin' sexy. She could hold her own against any man, even when it was still a "Man's World". She was funny, and she could slip a biting aside into any given flirt. She made Marilyn Monroe look like some buck-toothed, pimpled, flat-chested school girl who was trying to struggle out of her training bra to impress the football team. She was the "tramp with a heart of gold". If you have never seen "My Little Chickadee" with West and W.C. Fields, you cinematic education has been sorely neglected and you should get Netflix on the horn right now.

So here's to Mae West, the woman who taught me what a "Good Ol' Broad" is. Maybe you know a "Good Ol' Broad", tell me about her in the comments section. I would like to think that there are still some around.



  1. Thank you! I think you're a class act too!

    In my opinion "Broad" and "Dame" are terms of endearment. I use "Broad" often. Good broad, hot broad, funny broad...I use 'em all. I also use dumb broad and I know that's not nice, but it always get my point across. It has a magic quality that emphasizes whatever word is in front of it.

    Anyone is free to call me good broad, hot broad or funny broad, but please don't call me a dumb broad.

    I also enjoy being referred to as a smart cookie!

  2. I like to call ya' "toots", but I'll add "broad" to my Big Orange Lexicon as well!!

    Along w/Doc Holly-day, y'all might need to add some whiskey to the table with this one.

  3. Please, please don't call her toots. That is so demeaning and degrading. That is right up there with c*nt.

    Besides, I thought that toots was your special name for me?


  4. Toots is up there with Cunt? I don't think so. I wouldn't mind if a friend called me toots. It's kind of cute. Though,I wouldn't like it from a stranger. I don't like it when strangers call me honey either.


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