Saturday, December 30, 2006

People I Would Like To Buy A Beer, part 15

Doc Holiday.

I would love to buy this man a beer, if for no other reason than, he was one flinty sonofabitch and he knew what good friends were all about. Any man that runs with a whore named Big Nose Kate deserves a beer and our respect.

It would be great to sit down with him and Kate, have a few cold drafts, and have him give me some poker tips. Dear and Gentle Reader, if you have never seen "Tombstone", or just haven't seen it recently, watch it again and tell me that Val Kilmer shouldn't have gotten a Oscar nod. He steals the WHOLE movie as Doc Holiday.

There is one scene where Doc, Wyatt, and company have been chasing down the villians and they stop to rest. Doc breaks out in a coughing fit. "Turkey Creek" Jack Johnson asks him what the hell he is doing out here. Doc responds with quiet aplomb, "Wyatt is my friend". "Hell Doc," sez Jack, "I got lottsa friends". And with a small sniff, Doc sez, "Well I don't".

Well, I don't either. And if any of you folks (you know who you are) find yourself in trouble, with your back to the wall, and you really need a friend, just call on me. I've had a few, but I know how to use a gun.

God Bless.



  1. You have lots of friends!

    I still want my shooting lessons, pencil me in.

  2. you're prolly gonna wanna add a bottle of whiskey to the mix on this one...

  3. By the way, you just tell me when you want to go shooting, and I'll pack up the jeep.



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