Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Imaginary Girlfriend

Theda Bara, The Original "VAMP".
Now, Dear and Gentle Reader, tell me that this "chick" ain't hot! Damn! Those piercing eyes, the vacant stare of raw sexuality, the great rack, Hell, she even poses with bones! MEOW! This bitch has got everything! And if I was alive 80 sum odd years ago, I would have found her and made sweet, sweet love to her, and never called her agian. (I would have sent pornographic telegrams for years though.)


  1. Big Orange: Tell me, just tell me you wouldn't have banged the Hell out of this bitch. I bet you would have. She was goth and hot and scantily clad! Not to mention, she was a known "man-killer"! I admit, there is no blue hair, no tattoos, no revealing look at her naked ass, or other parts, but you would have nailed this bitch like an 8-penny spike!

    Am I wrong here? Is she not uber sexy? Is there nothing about her that sez "come hither"? Does she not stir something in your loins? Is she not desireable in a "weekend fling" sort of way?

    Mind you, I'm sure that your "good-wife" could put Theda Bara to shame, but is there nothing about her that sez "I want to F*CK You, and I'm dangerous!"? She poses with a skeleton for the love of Pete!


  2. mmmmm... I'm gonna find me some vintage pix and a biography of her and take it to bed the way young men cuddle up with a Hustler. She is steamy-hott! MEEEEOOOWWW!!


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