Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Imaginary Girlfriend, part 2

Liza Minnelli.
I'm ashamed to admit that my ultimate fantasy is to be caught in a four-way with Liza Minnelli, Sophia Loren,
and Tina Turner sandwich! Yum, yum, yummy, yum, yum!


  1. There is a reason I own a bowler hat, and it isn't because I like to reenact Chaplin gags, it is because I would LOVE to see my wife in it.

    Sophia Loren is a given. You can't deny her draw.

    Tina Turner bought my LOVE with "Private Dancer" and I have never looked back. The really great thing is that my wife knows about all of my girlfriends and is o.k. with that.

    Yours in lust,

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  3. Liza in a bowler from that era WOULD indeed be VERRRRY hott. The only problem is that she tends to talk too goddamn much. I can just hear her babbling away in the sack, and that takes some of the edge off.


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