Sunday, January 07, 2007

With This I Will Fish

I'm not good at sitting still and waiting for things to happen, an essential skill required for fishing. I'm more of an action kind of girl. I've always wished I could enjoy things like fishing, tanning and daydreaming, but I'm just too easily bored. However, if I had the Rocket Fishing Rod I know I could do it.

Why is this important, you may wonder. Well, I married myself a nature guy. Doc likes to do things like camp and hike and canoe. I enjoy all of those things, in theory. However when faced with the reality of these activities, I am immediately foiled by things like bugs, heat/humidity, and boredom. But there is nothing like a little beer or a gadget to make the magic of outdoorsing come to life for me. So, I view items like the rocket fishing rod and, well, Budweiser, as a sort of marital aid. They are items that will give me a golden ticket to participate in those activities my husband enjoys while killing any boredom for me by providing me with the thrill of jettisoning a fish hook out of a gun at high velocity while experiencing a buzz in my head that permits me to ignore all that buzzes around my head.


  1. how much one o' them newfangled thangs cost??


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