Saturday, January 20, 2007


Since I have become Editor of this fine establishment, there have been very few changes from the original, and those few changes that I have implemented have been minor. I felt that it was important to keep with the spirit of the original charter and deliver the same great reporting that one has come to expect from Social Zymurgy, The Culture of Beer. I have tried, in my own humble way, to be a good editor/writer, and have steered with a gentle hand the direction that this site has taken. But the time has come for some sweeping new changes here at SZ. We will not be posting just willy-nilly anymore, (well, we will,) but with some focused direction. I have made some cosmetic changes, and have scheduled some new regular features.

So let’s take a look at our new line-up.

Sunday: We will have a new books feature by our very own Big Orange. Not just books on all things bright and beery, but on whatever he bloody well feels like. Look for it this Sunday.

Monday: Yours truly will just toss something in under the category of general silliness and beer, of course.

Tuesday: The ever lovely and fashionable Flannery Alden will head our Entertainment/Fashion column up!

Wednesday: Genn6 will lead us into the seamy underbelly of music, sports, and politics for the single girl on the go. Keep your eyes peeled, Dear and Gentle Reader, this is going to be a hot one!

Thursday: Elizabeth will be holding her own in our new advice column Ask Madame E! Having trouble with a coworker? Need some help with Ms. or Mr. Right? Want to know how to handle that traffic cop that has pulled you over? Please, Dear and Gentle Reader, send along your questions and consult the sage advice of the Madam.

Friday: Since we have had such an overwhelming response to this in the past, we will be hosting a Tastefully Nude photo contest. Submit an entry and have it voted on. Is it Tastefully Nude, or just plain trashy. You decide.

Saturday: More of that general silliness that you just can’t stop craving, but relax, it is fat free!

Well, there it is folks, a spanking new line-up to keep you well informed and sounding smart at the water cooler. So crack a cold one and sit back. It just keeps getting better from here.




  2. hmmm... what about getting Madame E. an email addy so folken needing advice can write directly to her w/o her needing to scan the commy-ents??

    Also, should we switch Tasteful Nude Friday with the more traditional Half-Nekkid Thursday??

  3. Sorry, I ran it past the board of directors and thay said that it had to be Friday, because of some expensive poll they had taken, although, if you wanted to post a suppliment to tastefully nude, I think that would be wonderful! It could be a great follow-up to our advice column. I was just saying to the wife today, "You know, this site needs more nudity," and I stand behind that statement. As for the E-mail, I'm on it!

    By the way, where do you come up with words like "commy-ents"? WTF? Nekkid and folken make perfect since, in some weird psychotic way, but commy-ents? You have got to quit buying the dictionarys out of the clearence rack, or ask the doctor to increase your meds.



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